4 Signs It’s Time for a New Logistics Service Provider

Logistics Service Providers are an integral part of online shopping. For maximum customer satisfaction and on-time deliveries, E-Commerce Express ensures customers receive shipments in immaculate shape.

The value of having a reliable third-party logistics service provider for your e-commerce business cannot be overstated. The services these organizations provide will free you from thinking about how your goods will reach your clients and start concentrating on expanding as a business.

If you want to change your current logistic service providers, you’re probably aware of where they are lacking. You might want to change because your business has outgrown the 3PL you currently work with. It’s also possible that you’re unhappy with the prices and the service. 

Here are four reasons why you should consider switching your 3PL service provider.

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Repeating Mistakes Time and Again

Having a 3PL service provider that frequently makes mistakes with deliveries isn’t good for business. Most customers will, nevertheless, hold the well-known brand responsible, not the fulfillment facility.

If the logistic service consistently delivers defective items, mails parcels to the wrong customer’s location, or misses entire shipments, it’s better to contemplate contracting with a more structured supplier.

Uncontrolled Expenses

You may be earning from the price of your product, but your 3PL provider should refrain from subjecting you to jarring price increases. There may be other factors besides the growing expense of running a business if you see excessive inflationary pressures. Spend some time looking around and determining what’s acceptable and fair for the service you require. Be willing to switch providers if you identify one that offers similar services for minimal charges.

Relatively Old Technology

The 3PL service provider you select must have an order management system to help you track every order from confirmation to delivery.

Tracking shipments is relatively straightforward. However, because you’re improvizing, ensure their software and system can synchronize with your technology and your online store, ensuring things aren’t done through outdated manual methods. 

Last but not least, consider a 3PL service that enables you to design personalized wrapping and fillers, shipment details, and packaging labels directly via a portal system of your business.

Poor Customer Support

Managing refunds, exchanges, and returns is just as crucial as delivering orders. Unfortunately, only some 3PLs provide prompt customer support or have agents on duty around-the-clock to answer calls and provide help.

Know that you might require additional technical assistance or face a stock-related crisis. So, confirm that the chosen 3PL gives the level of client and customer service you require.

Hire E-Commerce Express as Your Logistics Service Provider

If you are looking for 3PL Logistics Service Provider for your online business, E-Commerce Express can be a viable option.

E-Commerce Express is a China-based 3PL Order Fulfillment Service Provider, that also deals with services, including Product Sourcing, Procurement, Warehousing, Branded & Custom Packaging and Dropshipping Services.

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You can also schedule a meeting with their representative on how they can offer their services to you. 


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