Handle With Care: The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Fragile Items

While customers are usually skeptical about buying fragile items online, E-Commerce Express takes great pride in delivering “Handle with Care” items in quality packaging with zero chances of damage.

Whether a package is fragile or not, the objective is always the same: to make sure it is delivered in perfect shape. Ensuring precious or fragile goods are safe and protected during transport can be challenging. However, this goal is also of the highest significance.

You cannot afford to let down a consumer by sending them faulty or damaged items in the digital age of over-saturated market rivalry. It can damage your company’s brand image and decrease sales for the e-commerce business you are working for.

Shipping coverage might support you in recovering the damage. Still, packaging and shipping delicate items in immaculate condition may help you win your clients’ confidence and gain repeat customers.

Here’s how fulfillment service providers can pack and deliver fragile items safely. 

Don’t Compromise on Wrapping and Packaging

Any fragile object must be packaged appropriately to keep it safe during shipment. It is best to invest your money and time to ensure suitable packaging material is used. 

For internal packaging, fragile items will need to be wrapped in several corrugates if they aren’t manufactured with sturdy packing or are left unfastened. Therefore, cover the items in padding for more security and add cardboard fillers to the box’s sidewalls.

Although frequently employed as packing materials, bubble wrap, airbags, cardboard, and foam peanuts/pellets have different advantages and disadvantages.

Always choose premium quality cardboard boxes for fragile packages as external protection. Double-wall or triple-wall structures are advised for fragile or bulky products. Old boxes shouldn’t be used again since part of their sturdiness may have been lost.

Avoid Cramming the Package

Wrapping a package safely and wrapping it too tight are two different things. Some people believe wrapping fragile items tightly can limit the damage during movement; in reality, it’s the opposite. 

Tight packing strains fragile products, making them more prone to collapse during shipment.

Any delicate object should be packed safely yet flexibly for maximum effectiveness. For instance, while using styrofoam to protect your object, make sure to provide some space for movement.

Brown cardboard with sticker saying fragile

Don’t Forget the Label

You must inform recipients and shipment personnel that the package contains delicate products to ensure that they handle it with care. Ensure you clearly and boldly mark the box with the word “fragile” in a simple typeface that’s easy to find and comprehend.

It’s best to put stickers in vibrant colors, such as red, bearing information on the contents. A tag that reads “fragile crockery” or “fragile cosmetics,” for example, can let couriers know what they’ll be transporting and how to move it safely.

When necessary, you may also indicate how the package should be positioned on the label. It will let delivery personnel understand that the shipment should be handled cautiously or it risks being easily damaged.

Deliver Your Fragile Items With E-commerce Express

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