3pl logistics services

Our 3PL logistics services include Strategic Inventory Warehouse Distribution, Express shipping, and Careful Inspection of Products & Packaging.


Exclusive Express Line 4-10 days delivery time


International warehouses in United states, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Australia.


Multiple shipping options


Full inspection of product and packaging

We have taken great care to develop efficient and accurate systems to become one of the top 3PL logistics companies in the industry.


Location, Location, Location

Our location in Shenzhen China, where a large number of suppliers and manufacturers are based, positions us at the hub of sourcing where we can procure limitless products and quickly have them processed and shipped worldwide.

3PL Logistics - Strategic Inventory Warehouse Distribution

Strategic Inventory Warehouse Distribution

E-commerce Express has a network of international warehouses in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Australia. Our clients can strategically split their inventory across locations to get products from point A to point B more quickly and affordably.

Exclusive Express Line Service

Products shipped from the E-commerce Express warehouse facilities have dedicated cargo space on each flight, with fewer or no stopovers, and a faster customs-clearance process, all of which significantly reduces delivery time.

Our exclusive Express Line Shipping Service is 2-3 times faster than the common E-packet or Agent shipping services used by other 3PL logistics companies. These companies offer typical shipping times of 15-45 days at a minimum. We provide an industry-leading delivery time of 4-10 days at a competitive price.

We continually update and improve our shipping services to offer the best shipping experience of any 3PL logistic company in the ecommerce product fulfillment industry.

3PL Logistics - Exclusive Express Line Service
3PL Logistics - Multiple Shipping Options

Multiple Shipping Options

While some third party logistic companies only offer limited shipping options, we secure the shipping company that meets our clients’ needs and will coordinate the best option based on product size, shape, internal battery, paste, liquid, etc.

Careful Inspection of Products & Packaging

In order to offer quality shipping services, 3PL logistic companies must include a detailed inspection of products and packaging. E-commerce Express inspects every incoming and outgoing shipment for any damage or defects before it leaves our facility.
The close proximity of suppliers to the E-commerce Express warehouse, in addition to our well-designed and implemented Express Line Service, facilitates shipping services unrivaled among third party logistic companies.

3pl Logistics - Inspection of Products & Packaging

The E-commerce Express 3PL Logistics Difference:

  • Exclusive Express Line Shipping Service
  • Dedicated Cargo Space In-flight
  • 2-3 Times Faster Ship Times
  • 4-10 Days Average Delivery Time
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Full Inspection of Products and Packaging