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Office Chairs

With all the disruptions in the global supply chain over the past few years it has become more important than ever to align yourself with a supplier who understands the intricacies of international trade right down to their bones. When it comes to office chair suppliers, that company is E-Commerce Express.

E-Commerce Express: the Right Office Chair Supplier

One of the main reasons so many office furniture retailers have suffered from supply chain bottlenecks is because their products typically come from half a world away. That’s not the case with E-Commerce Express. We maintain a dozen state-of-the-art purpose-built distribution centres on 4 continents which enables us to sidestep troublesome bottlenecks and get your office chairs to you in a timely and affordable manner.

More and more retailers are discovering the wisdom of choosing E-Commerce Express to supply their office chairs. We offer a unique value proposition that allows your company to thrive while keeping costs under control. When you choose E-Commerce Express you will benefit from our:

Office Chair Suppliers

1. Proven expertise: We’ve built our reputation on being able to distribute products worldwide in a timely and effective manner. No one is better qualified to supply the office chairs you need.

2. Timely delivery: We have an on-time delivery record of 99.5% that speaks to the quality of our team and their dedication to getting products where they belong when they’re expected.

3. A multilingual staff: Language differences can be a major impediment to cross-border trade. That’s why we make sure all our case managers are multilingual.

4. Transparency: You will never find questionable or unexplained charges on a bill from E-Commerce Express. Every aspect of our billing process is completely transparent.

5. A global footprint: As we mentioned we’re able to sidestep most supply chain issues due to our network of a dozen distribution centres on 4 continents.

6. Flexibility: We’re here to fulfil all your office chair needs whether that means wholesale orders, bulk orders or becoming your regular supplier. We can distribute your office chairs too.

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