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Party & Costume Product Fulfilment

The party & costume rental business is valued in the tens of billions of pounds and with the rise in popularity of cosplay it’s set to grow by leaps and bounds in the years ahead. If you have an online party and costume rental business and you want to branch out into international markets you’ll need a party & costume product fulfilment company you can rely on. That company is E-Commerce Express.

Why Trust E-Commerce Express with Party & Costume Product?

People rent equipment such as tables and chairs, linens, stages, tents and more because they have guests coming on a specific date at a specific time. If the party & costume product fulfilment company you’re working with is late with your goods or those goods are damaged in transit you can kiss your customers goodbye.

Trust E-commerce Express

Party & Costume Fulfilment

E-Commerce Express have a 98.5% on-time record. If that alone is not a good enough reason to contact us here are some other reasons people choose E-Commerce Express:

A worldwide footprint: We maintain more than a dozen state-of-the-art fulfilment centres strategically located around the world. Your products are never far from your customers.

Transparency: The last thing you need is phantom charges on your fulfilment bill. That won’t happen with E-Commerce Express. Every aspect of our billing process is completely transparent.

Custom fulfilment: Want to take your brand identification to the next level? Talk to us about custom branded fulfilment.

Customer service: Our 99.8% customer retention rate indicates we rarely make mistakes. However, nobody’s perfect. So in the unlikely event an issue comes up our world-class customer service department will resolve it quickly and effectively.

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Party Costume Fulfilment solutions

Every time a delivery is lost or late or the wrong product arrives your brand image takes a hit. Enough hits and you’ll find yourself out of business. Don’t let that happen to you. For party & costume product fulfilment you can depend on, get in touch with the logistics experts at E-Commerce Express. With our global footprint, years of experience, state-of-the-art tech and multilingual staff we’ll make sure your products get to your customers on time and intact.


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