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3PL Fulfilment for Small Businesses

E-commerce Express is your one-stop shop for strategic sourcing and order fulfilment solutions tailored to small businesses. Our goal is to fuel your growth and success by offering services that significantly impact your bottom line. Our services include sourcing, warehousing and shipping, catering to global B2C, DTC and B2B brands. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can best serve you.


Ready to take your small business to new heights? Reach out to an expert at E-commerce Express and discover the benefits of our 3PL fulfilment solutions for small businesses.

Partnering for Success

We’re more than a 3PL provider or sourcing agent. E-commerce Express partners with you to assist you in managing your supply chain, allowing you to focus on increasing sales without having to worry about fulfilment challenges.

Our partnership enables you to scale to your maximum potential, offering benefits such as:


1. 12 international fulfilment centers, including 2 in China, broadening your reach and providing efficient global distribution


2. Order processing in less than 24 hours, streamlining your operations and ensuring timely delivery


3. Client response time under 8 hours, ensuring prompt communication and swift resolution of any issues


4. Sourcing time within 24 hours, accelerating your supply chain and keeping your inventory up-to-date


By collaborating with E-commerce Express, you can leverage our extensive resources and expertise to optimize your business performance and achieve lasting success.

Our Commitment to Excellence

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We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, demonstrated by:


1. Our services have a 99.9% accuracy rate in picking, which means we minimize errors.


2. A shipping rate of 99.5% on time, meeting customer expectations.


3. Additionally, we have maintained a 99.8% customer retention rate, proving our reliability.


With these impressive statistics, you can trust E-commerce Express to provide the highest level of service and support.

Your Ultimate 3PL Logistics Services Solution

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E-commerce Express offers China sourcing and 3PL logistics services. We manage the entire process, including product sourcing, factory negotiations, receiving, processing, customs clearance, and delivery. 


Our fulfilment centers in China and warehouses in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia optimize inventory placement for faster delivery and reduced shipping costs.


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