6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

Shopify Fulfillment Services

Running a successful Shopify store does not only need you to spend time on amazing email copy, website design, Instagram ads, talking to customers, refining your products, and building your brand but also warehousing products and shipping orders. After all, order fulfillment is the final link in the value chain between you and your customer, and it becomes more time-consuming as you grow.

E-commerce Express is your reliable Shopify 3PL partner and provide you top-class Shopify order fulfillment services your Shopify store needs to scale.

Shopify shipping services

Shopify Fulfilment Company

E-commerce Express is a top-notch Shopify fulfillment company and provides excellent Shopify shipping services. Our Shopify fulfillment network across China and the globe creates an ideal balance between speed and cost reduction. Our Exclusive Express Line with favorable shipping rates and 4~10 days shipping times from China allows our clients to reduce Shopify order fulfillment costs. In addition, the state of art Shopify WMS enables the team to process your orders in bulk in 24 hours and allows us pick, pack, and ship your orders efficiently and effectively.


You don’t just need a Shopify shipping integration software or an inefficient, unprofessional Shopify dropshipper, you need a Shopify shipping and fulfillment partner that is world-class at what they do.

Shopify Fulfillment Warehouses

Shopify Fulfilment

E-commerce Express has a global network of Shopify warehouses and distribution centers. Most of our clients store their inventories in our fulfillment centers in Shenzhen China because of the low shipping rates, fast shipping times, and favorable locations nearby the factories and suppliers for their products. We also have fulfillment warehouses around the world and provide you optimal inventory placement across them to improve delivery speeds and reduce shipping costs for heavy, large products.


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