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Electric Wheelchairs

If your business is selling electric wheelchairs to and for elderly customers you know how important it is to have a good selection to offer at prices your customers can afford. If you’ve had trouble with suppliers filling your orders it’s time to make the switch to E-Commerce Express.

Rely on Our Expertise

We’re the electric wheelchair supplier you’ve been looking for. Thanks to our many years in the product distribution business we have excellent relationships with all of the top manufacturers. So whether you are looking for budget-friendly electric wheelchairs or something more high-end, or a selection of both, we have them for you.

Whether you sell electric wheelchairs to seniors through a brick-and-mortar shop or online – or through a combination of both – E-Commerce Express can supply you with the quality chairs you need at a price you can afford. More and more wheelchair retailers are discovering the E-Commerce Express difference after experiencing it for themselves. That difference can be boiled down to:

Electric Wheelchair Supplier

1. Fast delivery of your wheelchairs: We maintain a dozen state-of-the-art distribution centres on 4 continents, meaning the wheelchairs you want are never far away.

2. Transparency: Every aspect of the E-Commerce Express billing process is completely transparent. You’ll never find phantom or unexplained charges on one of our bills.

3. No language barrier: One major impediment to cross-border business has always been the language barrier. We understand that which is why all of our client managers are multilingual.

4. Same-day order processing: The same day your electric wheelchair order is received our crack team spring into action to fill it and ship it out to you.

5. Top quality products: We have access to all the best manufacturers so no matter what type of electric wheelchairs you’re interested in you’ll find them at E-Commerce Express.

6. Flexibility: We fill wholesale orders and one-off bulk orders. We can distribute your electric wheelchairs, or we can act as your regular electric wheelchair supplier.

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If your electric wheelchair supplier has let you down, do what so many others have done and make the switch to E-Commerce Express. To learn more contact E-Commerce Express today on +86-18617009119. Our customer care representatives are standing by to answer all your questions.


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