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Ecommerce photography services

We provide you with images and videos to create beautiful product listings and advertising campaigns.   


We offer you product photography, model photography, and videography solutions for your ecommerce business, website, social media, Shopify store, Amazon store, and more at a very reasonable rate.

Single product

Model photography

Product Videography

E-commerce Express Studio - Product photography to help you sell. Easy and affordable professional photography services

E-commerce product photography

Our fully equipped onsite product photography studio is located in Shenzhen China and provide high-quality product photos and various forms of product photography for the trending niches such as consumer electronics, health and beauty products, pet products, travel accessories, shapewear, fashion accessories, health care and skin care products, sleepwear,  hobbies and crafts, smart watches and etc. And the photos and videos we produce are accepted by all major ecommerce platforms.


We designate you an account manager to listen to the objectives of your brand and make communication easy so you can get the most of all the right elements of your products and capture the customer’s focus.


Let our product photography services help your business grow!

Our product photography services

E-commerce photography studio China

Single product

When you need to launch your product on Shopify, Amazon, Instagram, the best way is to display a product photo with all the details. We will shoot one product with various angles including front view, side view, back view, top view, and detail. Not only do we have white background color for your product photo, but you also have options of different background colors to best present your product to meet the best practices of the places you will post.

Model photography

Boom in e-commerce in China has driven the growth of the international models for displaying fashion-related and trending products in China. Our studio takes advantage of the growth and works with experienced real models at a very competitive rate to provide a good combination with items such as apparel, footwear, health and beauty, fashion accessories etc.

E-commerce photography studio
E-commerce product photography China


Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a product video that highlights the features and benefits of your product. We also offer you product video presented with experienced model and make sure the model shows of the best parts of your product.

Our process for ecommerce photography services


It is important for us to understand as much as we can about your product and your business. An account manager will collect your product and business information to make choices for the photos or videos that we will be taking so that you can get the most of all the right elements of your products and capture the customer’s focus.

Planning the photoshoot/video shoot

Before we start with photo or video shooting, we need to make a good plan first. Once we know the detail about your product, we will prepare to receive your product and order other materials that we want to include during the shoot. We will plan out different scenes of photos and we need to arrange for models to be present the day of the shoot if necessary.

Taking the shoot

Our professional ecommerce photography team will handle the most important part of the whole process. Our photographers excel in ecommerce product photography and know exactly how to shoot to make the images that speak to your customers and drive sales. The rest of the team will use lighting and other techniques that can enhance the look of the images that we take.

Editing the photos/videos

Our editing team will take it over from our photographers and make improvements on the photos using photo editing software or on the videos using video editing software. The team also use advanced processes for all types of product shots and image specifications to ensure you meet the advertising guidelines for ecommerce platforms so that you will have amazing images or videos on your website, blog post, product descriptions, online store and more.

Sharing the deliverables

We will share you the final photos or videos through “WeTransfer”. We highly suggest that you download them right away and store them on your computer as after the agreed upon period, we will no long store them for you.

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Studio in Shenzhen China close to your suppliers.

Expert photographers.

Detail-oriented retouchers.

Competitive pricing

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