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Solid sourcing solutions for quality wholesale products at the right price

Certified products at factory prices delivered at your doorsteps from one of the most reliable China wholesale suppliers.

Solid quality

Competitive price

Easy import

Wholesale Sourcing from China made easy and risk free

China wholesale suppliers

Scale your business with our sourcing services to importing wholesale products from China including sourcing, purchasing, quality control, and shipping.


If you are looking for a sourcing agent or a sourcing company in China, you have reached the right place. We are your local office in China. Our bilingual sourcing team in Chinese and English is based in China and works closely with factories in China to source your product. Our team talks to factory employees to make sure that they understand your product customizations, specifications, and quality expectations. We also conduct quality inspections to ensure that any problems are spotted before shipping them.

Why Choose E-commerce Express to Buy Bulk Wholesale Items from China?

We save your time and money to import wholesale products from China – from sourcing to delivery – a one-stop solution.

Source quality products from China

We source the products you need directly from China at factory prices and only from reliable suppliers. Whether you are looking for superior versions of current offerings or new product lines, we got you covered.

Dedicated sourcing manager

Sourcing products from China brings western businesses many rewards, but it also carries with it certain risks that can endanger your finances and reputation. Why navigate this minefield on your own when you can have China-based sourcing experts do it for you?

Deep expertise

Not only our excellent English communications, but also our collective experience with China supply chain enables us to get things done efficiently.

Amazon compliant packaging and label

We provide 100% Amazon FBA standard compliant packaging & labeling.

Products with your own logo & Branded packaging

We can help you source and produce products customized with your own logo. You can also decide to print your logo on your product packaging or insert a welcome card or tag before shipping them.​

Easy import from China

As a professional 3PL logistics company, we can handle all the logistics to deliver your wholesale products from China to your destination by Sea or by Air. You don’t have to worry about what documents you need to import goods from China, nor which taxes you have to pay on your products. We will give you a transparent price that includes all your expenses to deliver them to your destination.


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