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3PL warehousing receiving & Inventory management

We provide 3PL warehousing services with a fully integrated 3PL warehouse services management system (3PL WMS) for businesses of all shapes and sizes.



30-day free storage

3PL warehousing and distribution services

Expert logistics and warehousing services by fulfillment warehouses

3PL inventory management China

E-commerce Express fulfillment is primarily fulfillment warehouses providing expert logistics and warehousing services including receiving, storage, picking, packing, kitting, inventory management, and shipping. Through an innovative mix of 3PL warehouse facilities and 3PL warehouse management software, we are able to help SMBs, DTC brands, B2B, subscription box companies and crowdfunding campaigns to fulfill their inventory anywhere, anyhow, and to anyone. Whether you are an ecommerce startup or a seasoned pro, our 3PL warehousing and distribution services will help take your online business to the next level.

3PL warehousing and distribution services

Expert logistics and warehousing services by fulfillment warehouses


Our Chinese warehouses are strategically located in Shenzhen China closed to a vast number of suppliers and factories in China so that you can purchase inventory ahead of time to ensure you never fall behind on any shipments. And our exclusive express shipping lines can facilitate the shipment of your order from China to global customers with an industry-leading average delivery time of 4~10 days.


Our international warehouses are situated in the world’s top eCommerce markets including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Australia, and Japan. You can get your products to your customers more quickly at the best shipping prices with the world’s most reliable couriers from any of the global fulfillment centers.

The Locations of Our Main Global Fulfillment Centers

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3PL Warehousing Receiving & Inventory Management Services in China

3PL inventory management

If you haven’t hired a third-party logistics warehousing receiving & inventory management service for your business yet, you’re missing out! A 3PL warehousing service oversees all of your distribution needs, managing your 3PL stock. In addition to this, it also handles your warehousing receiving & inventory management requirements.



E-Commerce Express is a 3PL warehousing service provider that helps businesses with various supply chain and logistics operations. Our warehousing receiving & inventory management company schedules and sorts through inventory, maintains records, ensures product safety, conducts kitting and assembly, and negotiates shipping rates. Contact our team today to get started!

Free ecommerce quality assurance

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We offer quality inspection services and help you with quality check on external conditions of your product at no extra cost. In order to relieve your concerns about sourcing and warehousing in China, we inspect every shipment for any damage or defect when it is received and before it is shipped out from our facilities.

Free warehouse storage for 30 days

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Immediate storage fees are also a common up-charge in the product sourcing and fulfillment industry. Not at E-commerce Express! We offer flexible warehouse storage solutions and tailer your storage footprints to your operational needs. Our warehouse is equipped with Fire and Theft Monitors seven days a week and 24 hours a day for optimum safety and security of our clients’ inventories. And we provide you 30-day free warehouse space to let you experience our processes, people, and services in our state-of-the-art 3PL warehousing facility, if you are not satisfied with our services, you are free to leave us for a better 3PL company anytime.

Free set-up & receiving

3PL warehousing receiving & inventory management

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When getting started with a new 3PL, you may encounter onboarding costs to get ecommerce fulfillment services up and running, and you may pay for inventory receiving costs for the acceptance and storage of your incoming inventory. At E-commerce Express, there is a low barrier of entry for on-boarding with our company. We DO NOT charge a set-up fee, nor do we charge a receiving fee if your stock is below 100 units and less than 5 SKUs—this allows you a low-risk introduction to testing our services to see just how valuable we are to your business.

Dedicated storage & inventory management

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Your products are assigned to your own dedicated location in our facilities to ensure secure and accurate 3PL warehousing. Your inventories don’t only have dedicated space in our warehouse, but are also overseen by dedicated account managers who monitor inventory levels on a daily basis, ensuring sufficient stock levels to fulfill every order, sale, and marketing promotion.

Fully integrated 3PL warehouse services management system (WMS)

Fully Integrated 3PL Warehouse Services Management System (WMS) ensures your orders are being fulfilled as accurately and quickly as possible

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E-commerce Express’ well-thought-out and executed 3PL warehouse services consist of a thorough management process, an optimal location, and an integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS). This 3PL warehousing service system ensures your inventories are handled with the utmost care and quality control, which is the foundation of successful online sales. We are continually seeking out new and better ways to ensure your 3PL warehousing services demands in China are met safely, securely, and customized to fit your specific needs.


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