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China Fulfillment Centers - Hassle-Free 3PL logistics & warehousing

E-commerce Express’ 2 China warehouses are primarily fulfillment warehouses, providing expert logistics and warehousing services.

5000 m2

Global fulfillment for DTC & B2B

30 days free

Fulfilment Warehouse in China

Manufacturing in China, Shipping Globally


Our China fulfillment centers consist of Shenzhen Fulfillment Center and Dongguan Fulfillment Center. By taking advantage of an automated order fulfillment system and premier warehouse facilities, we can offer a complete end-to-end, global fulfillment solution that covers every aspect of your supply chain needs.

Fulfilment Warehouse China

Why use our fulfillment centers in China?

Our fulfillment centers in China streamline your entire logistics fulfillment process and strengthen your core growth tactors such as cost, efficiency, complexity, and accuracy.

Strategic location

Our location in Shenzhen strategically situates our 3PL warehousing to take advantage of the close proximity of a vast number of suppliers and manufacturers in China. This decreases shipping times of products to the E-commerce Express warehouses and reduces the challenges and time in correcting product shipment errors.

Shipping worldwide

4~10 days shipping time from our China fulfillment centers to your customers worldwide with our exclusive shipping lines. The shipping lines are trackable and 2~3x faster than the regular E-packet or agent shipping service.

24 hours dock-to-stock

Within 1 day of your inventory arriving at our warehouse, we’ll have accurately processed every individual piece into the live inventory picking shelves.

100% free quality control

Missing units and poor-quality control often lead to extreme delays, unexpected additional cost, and poor customer experience. Our warehouse team in China conducts quantity check and quality check on external conditions of incoming goods for free.

30-day free warehouse storage

No monthly fee, no set-up fee, no handling fee, and you will enjoy a 30-day free warehouse storage service.

Multimodal routing orders

Not ONLY can we integrate with major eCommerce platforms to immediately receive the order information from your customer’s purchase, but also communicate order information by uploading multiple orders in CSV format.

Flexibility: bundling, kitting and assembly

We can add labels or tags, combine products into a kit with a new SKU, add custom letters or numbers, and assemble parts before shipping. We can also create a bundle that group multiple items under one main SKU. This will let you sell personalized products, reduce shipping costs, and prepare orders in a more scalable way.

Returns management

Our fulfillment centers in China can handle returns and help you improve your returns processing and return policy of your eCommerce store.


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