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Wholesale Sex Toys

If you run an online business selling wholesale sex toys you know the challenges involved. Inefficiencies lurk around every corner, supply chain issues can trip you up without notice and shipping beyond your local area can be a nightmare. If only there was a better way. Fortunately, there is. E-Commerce Express can provide the third-party logistical (3PL) support you need to streamline your business, cut costs, eliminate inefficient processes and speed up shipping, while also reducing your shipping costs.

The Benefits of Using E-Commerce Express

E-Commerce Express 3PL can make a huge difference, enabling you to avoid many of the traditional growing pains associated with starting a business. Your online wholesale sex toys business will hit the ground running and never look back. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with E-Commerce Express:

wholesale sex toys

Scalability: No matter how fast and how large your company grows we can handle it.

Increased efficiency: Working with E-Commerce Express frees you of those business processes that tend to generate inefficiencies.

Enhanced brand image: Your customers will be rightfully impressed at the speed, efficiency and accuracy with which you fill their orders.

Reduced shipping costs: Our worldwide network of fulfilment centres means your wholesale sex toys are never far from the shops that need them.

High tech inventory control: You’ll know exactly what items and how many you have on hand at any given time and get real-time updates when orders are placed.

Lower storage costs: You pay only for the shelf space your products occupy. This enables you to greatly reduce storage costs.

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We have a global network of state-of-the-art fulfilment centres, access to top manufacturers and vast logistical experience. When you partner with E-Commerce Express your entire operation works like a well-oiled machine, enabling you to shift your focus from putting out fires to more important things like growing your business. 


With E-Commerce Express on your side, your wholesale sex toys business will be free of the troublesome processes that typically plague new companies. To learn more talk to one of our friendly and helpful customer care representatives today by calling +86-18617009119.


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