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Custom Product Fulfilment

It can be nearly impossible to reinforce your brand image if you use Fulfilment by Amazon to ship your products. Nothing against Amazon and the job they do moving millions of packages every day, but when your product gets to the customer, what the customer sees is Amazon’s branding all over the box. Raising the question: whose product is this anyway? If reinforcing Amazon’s brand instead of your own doesn’t appeal to you it’s time to contact E-Commerce Express about our custom product fulfilment.

What is Custom Product Fulfilment?

When you entrust your product fulfilment to E-Commerce Express you have complete freedom over how your packaging looks when it is delivered to the customer. No more having someone else’s branding on your products. Instead, you can use your own branded package and include anything else you want to reinforce your brand. By controlling the brand experience you increase the odds of getting repeat business and generating all-important good word of mouth.

Why Businesses Choose Us for Custom Product Fulfilment

There is a reason Amazon puts their name and logo on just about every package they ship: it works. Branded packaging is a proven way to effectively bolster your brand image and get people thinking about you, even if they’re only doing so subconsciously.

custom product fulfilment services

When you choose E-Commerce Express to handle your custom product fulfilment you benefit from:


Our proven expertise: We provide fulfilment services for countless businesses of all types and sizes.


Timely fulfilment: Our fulfilment process is fully automated with orders processed the day they arrive.


Transparency: We’re an open book to our customers. You won’t find any phantom charges on your bill. 


Outstanding customer service: We’re here for all our customers with friendly and informative customer service that lives in the solution.

Contact E-Commerce Express

Every time you ship a package to a customer it’s an opportunity to reinforce your brand image. If the package arrives in someone else’s box that opportunity is lost. If you want to get the most out of your brand reinforcement opportunities get in touch with E-Commerce Express by calling us on +86-18617009119 and ask about our custom product fulfilment service.


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