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Pick & pack fulfillment services

The most efficient and cost-effective pick and pack warehouse fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses. Outsourcing the pick and pack processes from the best pick and pack fulfillment centers in the industry.



Cost effective

Streamlined pick & pack order fulfillment

We offer streamlined pick and pack fulfillment to reduce your labor & shipping costs, maintain order accuracy and high customer satisfaction.

Pick and pack warehouse China

Picking pack, and ship are a core aspect of the services that E-commerce Express offers. In conjunction with our automated order fulfillment system, 3PL pick and pack fulfillment centers, and a properly trained warehouse team, we provide efficient and accurate pick and pack solutions for DTC and Wholesales brands.

A comprehensive range of pick and pack order fulfillment services

Our pick and pack order fulfillment services includes not only accurate picking and expert packing and shipping, but also receiving inventory, quality control, kitting, custom packaging, and optimal shipping.

Receiving inventory

Receiving seems to be a simple process. While, in practice it is a comprehensive process that must be done properly to set fulfillment operations up for success. It is simply because receiving inventory at a warehouse will impact the follow-up processes including inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping. At E-commerce Express, we have a structured warehouse receiving process. By implementing an inventory management system to ensure an optimized warehouse receiving process, we can help you with managing your inventory in real time, reducing picking, packing, and shipping errors, and scaling with ease.

Pick & pack

Our automated order fulfillment system ensures efficient and accurate picking and packing. We have the bandwidth to fulfill up to 10,000 orders per day. Our warehouse team has been well trained to pick the right items for an order with less labor and time and pack an order with the appropriate packaging and materials to ensure its safety on the way to the end customer in the most cost-effective way.

Quality control

When we received your stock at our warehouses, we perform mandatory inspection on the external condition of the stock. If any of the products are missing or damaged, we can help you contact the supplier and remedy the problem promptly. Before we send your order out, we conduct a quality check to ensure that all products are in excellent condition. When packaging them, we take pride in protecting them with careful packaging. To do so, we choose from a wide range of bubble wraps, padded envelopes, and foam. As a result, you can be rest assured that all customers receive their items in a condition that will delight them.

Warehouse kitting

To accommodate your business’ unique needs for how items are being shipped to your customers, we provide warehouse kitting services. We take several separate components such as SKUs, packaging materials, marketing inserts etc. and follow your instruction to make them ready for shipping.

Custom packaging

With our custom packaging solution, you can create your customer an unforgettable unboxing experience. We can help you source custom boxes, mailers, marketing inserts etc. or you can send your own custom branded boxes or mailers to our warehouses. We can also help you aggregate products and packaging from different suppliers and remove any unnecessary wrapping, manufacturer labels, or packaging, and repack them, add marketing inserts and customer gift notes to orders, and kit orders to have your inventory prepared the way that you need.

Optimal shipping

As a 3PL logistics company, we ship thousand orders per day. Our extensive and professional network within the shipping industry enables us to provide you the most reliable and cost-effective shipping lines. Because of our high-volume shipments, we receive heavily discounted shipping rates from every shipping line that we work with, and we pass these discounts on to you and your customers. This enables us to save you average shipping cost by 20~30%. While some third-party logistics companies only offer limited shipping options, we secure the shipping lines that meet your needs and will coordinate the best option based on the type of product, delivery time, and shipping costs.


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