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Kitting & Assembly Services

E-commerce Express provides fast, reliable product kitting and assembly services for business of all sizes. Our kitting and assembly services help you sell personalized products and still outsource your order fulfillment. Whether you need to combine several identical items into a multi-pack or multiple SKUs into one bundle, our Kit Assembly Team will complete your order, no matter the size, with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and care.




What is kitting & assembly?

E-commerce kitting China

Kitting and assembly is an ecommerce fulfillment strategy and a fulfillment service offered by a 3PL (third-part logistics) providers that involves the process of taking individual items off the warehouse shelves and assembling multiple items into a single grouping. An experienced 3PL provider can pre-kit items together and assemble parts before shipping to meet customer demands.

Who need kitting & assembly services?

Subscription fulfillment kitting

If you offer a subscription-based service, our warehouse kitting services can kit your boxes and ensure your products are shipped and delivered to your subscribers on time.

Create a unique unboxing experience

We understand how important the unboxing experience is when your customer receives your products. We can uphold a high standard care when it comes to kitting your box. We can combine different items in a particular way that can distinguish your product from others and make sure everything is presented to your liking.

Build a brand

Our warehouse kitting and assembly allows you to create appealing branding sets by doing light assembly of components from different factories or suppliers shipped to our ecommerce fulfillment warehouses. We can also add product labels and package inserts.

Upsell bundled products

By outsourcing kitting assembly and fulfillment to us, you can simply implement different sale strategies for online businesses such as cross-sell, upsell and bundles. Our assembly and kitting services can package a certain way in bulk and meet the requirement of your upcoming promotion.

Kitting & assembly applications

E-commerce kitting

Subscription boxes

Promotional items

Media kits

Product samples

Membership kits

Gift packs

Private label kitting and assembly

Custom packaging

Kitting & assembly services

We offer a wide range of high-quality assembly and kitting services and save you time and money to get orders shipped to customers faster and more effectively.

E-commerce assembly China

Box/packaging construction

Subscription fulfillment kitting

Light assembly

Kitting various items and small parts

Add package inserts

Place custom labels on products

Affix stickers/labels/barcodes

Wrap items

Assemble to customer BOM

Custom packaging available


Seal items and packages

Change single SKU’s into bundled SKU


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