6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

How it works

Fulfillment can be a difficult and complicated process. From sourcing a product to getting it into your customers’ hands, it requires good planning, labor, and technology. To make it clear to you, we created a step-by-step illustration to show you the order fulfillment process.

Source a product

The process starts from buying product inventory from a supplier. You can either source the product(s) from your own supplier(s) or through E-commerce Express’ sourcing team.

Ship inventory from your supplier to our fulfillment center

Once you purchased the product(s), you will need to ask your supplier(s) to deliver it to our fulfillment center(s), or we will arrange this for you if we help you source the product.

Integrate your sales channel into E-commerce Express

Our software integrates with various shopping carts and marketplaces such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WIX, Amazon, eBay and etc. It can sync your orders in real time and eliminate any human error due to manual input. By taking advantage of the software, our teams can fulfill thousands of orders per day.

Receive product & perform quantity check and quality control

We will be responsible for receiving stocks, evaluating the external condition of products, and sticking SKU labels before putting them on the shelfs.

Sync your orders and submit for fulfillment

Orders start synchronization to E-commerce Express platform. Our Order Processing Team processes your orders in 24 hours since they are received before the cut-off time of 11am China standard time on the same day.

Pack your orders with predefined guidelines or custom packaging

Once your orders are processed, our Warehouse Team will pick the item(s) in the order and pack it with our standard guideline or if you have custom packaging or want your products to be presented the way you like, we will make sure it meets your brand guideline.

Ship your order

Our Order Fulfillment Team suggests the best shipping method in line with the shipping cost and the delivery time. So, you can choose the best shipping line for your customers’ orders.

Notify your customer automatically

An email with a tracking number triggered by our software will be sent to your customer automatically after the order is fulfilled.

Customers receive your product happily

Once your customers receive their product on time, they will be delighted with fast delivery and custom packaging.

Handling exchanges and returns

we will integrate our return process with your return policy and accelerate return shipments & exchanges processing.


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