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Wish Fulfilment Services

With more than £2.5 billion in monthly sales, 2 million daily orders and 100 million monthly users the Wish online shopping platform has come a long way since it was started in 2010 by a former Google executive. Sellers are able to list their products on the Wish platform but it does not stock products itself nor does it handle returns. Instead, Wish operates as a payment service provider. Because of this sellers need to arrange their own Wish fulfilment services.

The Importance of Effective Wish Fulfilment Services

Wish itself does not stock items or provide fulfilment services, but it does demand retailers who use their platform arrange for fast and effective fulfilment. Failure to provide effective fulfilment services will find the seller banished from the platform. So what’s a seller to do? The answer is E-Commerce Exchange Wish fulfilment services.

Why So Many Wish Sellers Choose E-Commerce Express

To avoid getting in hot water with Wish a growing number of sellers choose E-Commerce Express to provide Wish fulfilment services. They choose us for a number of good reasons, including:

Wish Fulfilment Solutions

Our proven expertise: We own and maintain a vast global fulfilment network that’s run by some of the most experienced logistics experts in the business. Few can boast our level of cross-border business expertise.

Fast delivery: This is crucial if you are to stay in the good graces of the Wish shopping platform as they insist sellers prioritize fulfilment. Our track record of providing fast, cost-effective fulfilment services is unmatched.

A multilingual staff: Language barriers have always stood in the way of effective cross-border business, but not if you use E-Commerce Express to provide your Wish fulfilment services. All of our account managers are multilingual and speak English.

Transparency: When enlisting a 3rd party fulfilment service you need them to be transparent when it comes to billing issues. The E-Commerce Express fulfilment process is totally transparent from end to end.

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