Branded & Custom Packaging

Create a great delivery and unboxing experience for your customers with custom product packaging. We provide complete branded & custom packaging service for dropshipping worldwide. Custom packaging for small business and any type of business makes your business stand out!

Wide range of
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We make packaging easy for you

We make packaging better, easier, and more affordable for you, and provide you a simple and cost-effective way to get your brand noticed. Create a unique identity for your business and products with our branded and custom packaging services available worldwide!

Custom packaging boxes

With increasing competition, you need a unique selling point that makes your product look as special as you. And our team can help you achieve it through our branded and custom packaging solutions. We are a premium dropshipping supplier and agent based in China here to help you meet your needs at an affordable price.


With Ecommerce Express, you get the best custom packaging and dropshipping agent all in one. We are your go-to packaging solutions provider that offers not only custom boxes and printed packaging but can also hold your stock, remove the manufacturer’s labels and packaging, and help you with kitting and assembly.


With us by your side, you won’t need anyone else. Contact us today so that our team can enlighten you about some of the most trending branded and custom packaging solutions that meet your requirements.

Custom Packaging Service for Drop-Shipping

Packaging design China

Want to take your sales up a notch and improve customer retention? It’s time you invest in branded & custom packaging for your business. Custom packaging for drop-shipping is the ultimate strategy to build your brand and stand out from your competitors. It’s your chance to communicate your brand’s personality through your products, creating authenticity and credibility.


E-commerce Express helps businesses go the extra mile when it comes to branded & custom packaging. We help you differentiate your brand from other businesses in your industry, adding more than just logos and brand names to your packaged goods. From customizing boxes to including cards and stickers for an extra personal touch, we make sure your products appear unique and attractive to customers. Combine this with our drop-shipping order fulfillment services, and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to inventory management and product shipping! Contact our team now for more details about our custom packaging & drop-shipping services.

Explore Our Lines Of Premium Custom Printed Boxes And Packaging

Custom Packaging

E-commerce Express provides a complete Branded & Custom Packaging service for custom packaging and dropshipping worldwide. Online sellers who go the extra mile to customize their packaging, reap the benefits of a unique unboxing experience that secures their customers’ loyalty to their brand. You can choose custom boxes, mailer bags, stickers, tissue papers, packing materials, fill, and more.

Custom Inserts

Package inserts in customer parcels such as sale alerts, coupons, thank you cards, and product promotions are available to E-commerce Express clients. Paying attention to every detail of custom packaging and dropshipping, we help you create a memorable product presentation. We can show new and existing clients how our custom packaging and dropshipping services will give them a competitive advantage in the online-sellers-market.


Custom boxes, custom bags, custom mailer bags, coordinated tissue papers, custom fill and packaging materials, sale alert cards, coupons, product promotion cards, thank You card, eco-friendly packaging, etc. All available, unique packaging for better brand recall!

Folding carton boxes

Corrugated boxes

Rigid boxes

Mailer bags

Bubble paper mailer

Flexible pouches

Stickers & Labels

Packing tapes

Card inserts & Instruction books

Why choose us?

Professional packaging specialist

Your account manager has rich experience in the ecommerce packaging industry. He/she works with you to understand your packaging requirements and communicate with the packaging manufacturers to recommend the best packaging solutions catered to your project.

Low minimum order quantity

If you’re just launching your brand and uncertain about how many products you will sell. No worry, we offer packaging solutions at low minimums so that you can get branded packaging affordably.

Competitive price

Because of our strong relationships with the original Chinese packaging factories and regular buying volumes, our team can strongly negotiate pricing with them so that you can get quality packaging at competitive prices.

Fast turnaround time

We have industry leading turnaround times. Sample orders have a production of 3~5 working days. Larger quantity orders require 10~15 working days for printing.