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Have a question about how E-commerce Express Sourcing & Fulfillment work? Browse the FAQs below for the answer.

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General Information

The services offered by E-commerce Express are broadly defined as: Product procurement and 3PL. These are further classified into:


  • Generic Product Sourcing & Daily Order Fulfillment
  • Custom Product Sourcing & Daily Order Fulfillment
  • Generic Product Sourcing & Bulk Order Fulfillment
  • Custom Product Sourcing & Bulk Order Fulfillment
  • No Sourcing Required, Daily and/or Bulk Order Fulfillment Only

DTC Brand: The brands that want to switch from a traditional retail sales model to a DTC business model and can sell directly to their customers online and control manufacturing, shipping, and delivery; or the entrepreneurs that want to build a DTC brand with private label products.


 B2C brand: The B2C brands that need to outsource a 3PL to handle their warehousing and logistics and improve their fulfillment operations.


Importers & Wholesalers: The international importers and wholesalers who need to find reliable China purchasing agent that can help with verifying suppliers, working closely with factories, conducting quality checks, buying products in bulk at factory prices in China with no risk of getting scammed, and delivering to their doorsteps safely with duty paid.


Online Entrepreneurs: The online entrepreneurs who want to find a reliable business partner in China to handle their product sourcing and order fulfillment process for their ecommerce stores and avoid problems with shipping to their customers.


Drop-shippers: The high-volume sellers who want to find a trustworthy sourcing and fulfillment agent in China to help them source quality products at more competitive prices and offer faster order processing time and shipping time.

E-commerce Express is not a drop-shipping tool nor provide you an online category search tool to selecting products to sell.


E-commerce Express is a product sourcing and 3PL order fulfillment company in China, and offers a wide range of services including product procurement, quality control, warehousing, order processing, ecommerce fulfillment, crowdfunding fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment, Shopify fulfillment, and FBA Pre service. All you need to do is to send us your product list, we will take care of the rest of order fulfillment for you.

Product sourcing

We don’t provide you an online category search tool to selecting products to sell on your store. Our product procurement service is conducted by our sourcing experts with rich experience in international trade. We work directly with trusted and reputable Chinese factories and handle all the communications for you and negotiate the best pricing, highest quality and quickest lead time for you and your customers. You need to be specific on what products you want us to help you source with the product link or picture, and our sourcing experts will take care of the rest.

We excel in sourcing trending products that are sold online. We also specialize in sourcing private label products and OEM products. We help our clients source these products from the reliable and legitimate factories, manufacturers, and suppliers in China to ensure their quality, competitive pricings, and fast production times.


But we are not good at food, beverage, capsule, and supplement.

Our sourcing service is totally free. Since every business has unique needs and goals, we provide custom solution for every inquiry. You can request as many quotes as you want.

To order a custom packaging, you need to send us the design file for your packaging. Most of design files contain information such as material, dimension, color codes and the elements that are needed for production. In case your design file doesn’t contain the information, we would like you to provide it.

In most cases, our sourcing team can provide you a quote in 24 business hours after you submitted an inquiry. But sometimes it may take longer, and we may reach out to you for additional information.

If you need us to help you source and fulfill a product, ideally, we will need you to submit a RFQ form containing information such as:


  • Product link (Preferred Link: Aliexpress/Alibaba or Other Online Store. If you cannot find the preferred links, please attach a website link that has the product photo and description.)
  • Packaging dimension (L*W*H)
  • Product gross weight (inclusive of the product packaging’s weight)
  • Design file of your packaging if you want to custom packaging
  • Design file of your logo if you want to have your logo on the product
  • The main countries that you are targeting at
  • Number of monthly shipments


The more we know about your inquiry, the more accurate your quote will be.

Products & Inventory

At E-commerce Express, “Generic Product” refers to a type of consumer product on the market that isn’t advertised and has no brand name nor logo recognition. And it has very basic packaging and label and has no patent limitation to sell.


“Custom Product” refers to a good that has its color, design, functionality, add-on component or any features to make it a unique item. It often refers to a private label product that is made under a specific retailer’s brand with their own logo, packaging, and add-on components and sold exclusively by the retailer.

We offer various types of custom packagings including but not limited to custom box, custom mailer, custom bag, custom tissue paper, eco-friendly packaging, sticker, packing tape, and card insert.


Unfortunately, they are not free as it needs to customize with your logo and design. And custom packaging has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement and a production time. MOQ and production time vary depending on the type of the packaging, for example, normally custom box’s MOQ is 500 units.

We take a great care of every package of our clients. We use poly mailer to package your product or use bubble mailer or bubble wrap to package it to prevent damage in the long-trip transit; Additionally, standard tapes and shipping labels that are used for your orders are all free of charge.

After we integrated your store with our ERP system, we will map the SKUs of the products of your store in our ERP system. SKU mapping can make sure that E-commerce Express knows which products in a particular order correlate with products in your inventory.


SKU mapping needs to be carried out before your stock arrived at our warehouse as our warehouse team needs to print out the corresponding SKU labels for the stock being received and stick them on the products for inventory management and accurate picking process.

For every stock that your supplier sends to us, we request your supplier to fill out a “Receiving List” and sent it to us before the stock arrives. And we need your supplier to create a shipping mark for each box that is sent to us and stick it on the box so that our warehouse team can be informed properly what to be expected.


As for the “Receiving List” and “Shipping Mark”, we have templates for them and will pass them to you or your supplier directly once you are informing us about incoming stock.

We can receive stock from your supplier in our warehouse’s opening hours: From Monday ~ Friday, 9:00am ~ 5:00pm China standard time; On Saturday, 9:00am ~ 11:00am.

Our standard quality check is free of charge. It is when we receive your stock, our warehouse team will check its quantities with the “Receiving List” from you or your supplier. We also check the external condition of your product packaging. If we found any damage on the packaging, we will report it to you. As for our standard quality check, we don’t open packaging to check on the product condition inside nor test product functionalities.


While we do provide you value-added service for quality check according to your special requirements, you can contact us for a custom quote.

We have 2 fulfillment centers in Shenzhen China – Warehouse#1 and Warehouse#2. Each warehouse has thousands of square meters space for inventory storage and order fulfillment. The main difference between the 2 warehouses is their functions. Warehouse#2 is primarily used for DTC and B2C business; warehouse#1 is main for retail distribution and B2B business.

Yes, we do. In order to optimize our warehouse storage and keep inventory organized for our clients, we use racking systems at all our warehouses.


Our racking systems can double or triple your warehouses’ inventory holding capacity by storing boxes or pallets in multiple levels of horizontal rows and stacked on top of each other. The systems can provide our clients cost-effective solutions by maximizing their inventory storage space; on the other hand, the systems can allow us to provide our clients dedicated storage space for each SKU with storage bins and pallets so that they improve our inventory management and make it easier and more accurate to find and pick items.

After the 30-day free storage period that you store your inventory at our warehouses, you will be charged for storage space. Storage cost is based on product size, volume, and SKU count. For example, if you stock has only 1 SKU and the product size is large, storing them in bins will be a waste of space and increase your storage cost. It is economical to keep them in their original outer boxes and place them on pallet(s).  


At E-commerce Express’ warehouses, a pallet is equal to 3m2 storage space and the max. height of stock on a pallet is 1.7m; a rack is equal to 8m2 storage space. The min. storage space for a client is 1m2. And the standard storage fee is $25.00 per m2 per month.

Our well-organized warehousing facilities and advanced Warehouse Management System will protect your valuable inventory from ever getting lost, stolen, or damaged. You can check your stock level in the system and request us to conduct stock audit if you found missing/lost items.

For any reasons, you might want to dispose of your stock or defective or damaged items to avoid storage fee for storing them at our warehouses. We can help you dispose them and deliver them to the local recycling centers or donate to the local charity houses.  

Orders & Delivery

If we can connect your store or platform with our ERP system, we can sync your orders directly from your sales channel and process them for you.

If we cannot connect to your store or platform with our ERP system, you can manually import your orders with a “Manual Order Template” to our ERP system. Or you can manually create orders in our ERP system.   

While we would want to process the orders on an immediate basis, we will typically start processing all orders 24 hours after the order has been placed. Our Order Processing Team will process all the orders before the cut-off time at 11:00am China standard time on the same day.  


For any change requests and order cancellations to be updated by clients on their ecommerce stores, they have to inform our team before the cut-off time and our team will try their best to amend the orders in our ERP system but cannot be liable for any late changes made to the orders by clients or shipped-out orders.

E-commerce Express strongly advises the clients to ensure the phone number field is made mandatory on checkout, so this eliminates any such issues of orders without phone numbers leading to delayed or missed deliveries.


It is our mandatory requirement for all our clients to submit an official, contactable phone number that we can manually input onto customer orders that did not provide a phone number.


This is an important piece of information required by our company to ensure that all our clients’ products can be delivered on time and reduce the chance of mis-delivery due to uncontactable phone numbers.


E-commerce Express is not liable for any shipment delays, missed deliveries and non-delivery if this contact phone number does not work and/or was not provided.

At E-commerce Express, we provide our clients various shipping options according to their different demand in terms of cost and delivery time. In general, we mainly have 3 tiers of shipping lines which are Premium Line Level 1, Premium Line Level 2, and Premium Line Level 3. The Lines’ delivery times are gradually increasing from Level 1 to Level 3; while their shipping costs are dropping off. When we provide you quote, we list all the shipping options. We will use the shipping options that you confirmed in your quote to ship your orders. And you can match the selected shipping options to your store shipping options accordingly.

Yes, all the shipping options that we provide you to be used to ship your orders are traceable. In case we can connect to your store and sync your orders, after we processed your orders successfully, your orders status will be automatically updated from unfulfilled to fulfilled and their tracking numbers will be automatically pushed back to your store.


If we cannot connect to your store or platform, after we processed your orders successfully, you can obtain their tracking numbers in our system and upload them in your store.

Since every order shipped with our shipping options has a tracking number, you and your customer can track your order on the tracking platform such as https://www.17track.net/en. If your order status is not updated for a while on the platform, you can always contact your order processing manager though email or instant communication tool “Microsoft Teams” or “WhatsApp”. Your order processing manager will help you check its status or find the right resource to trace it.

Although it is rare, there are occasions on which your customer claims that they haven’t received their parcel even though the tracking platform states “Delivered”. Otherwise, often because of theft or the carrier leaving the package in a public lobby or space.


Once this happens, you should contact your order processing manager asap to report it. Your order processing manager will help you check its status and find the right resource to trace it. However, in case it is stolen or lost due to carrier leaving the package in a public lobby or space, unfortunately, we don’t have resource in these situations.

Shipments lost and damaged in transit with the courier can have a great impact on your business, especially for the order with a high value. We provide you a Premium Line Insurance as an extra service that is available to purchase and comprehensively protect your high-valued items, such as Jewelry, Fine arts, Watches, etc. from the moment they are shipped from our warehouses and throughout transit to your customers. It needs to be purchased before the shipment and can cover up to thousands of dollars in loss, stolen, or damage.

We do provide PO box delivery to most countries that our shipping options can reach while we cannot deliver to PO box address to some countries such as Portugal and South Korea.

Our order processing team will split orders into optimally sized shipments if the order doesn’t fit into the limited size of our shipping options – the max. dimension by L*W*H for a single packaging required by our shipping options is 60*40*35cm.


If your order is splitted into multiple shipments, you need to inform your customer about the tracking numbers for the multiple shipments since they won’t arrive at your customer together in most cases and this will confuse your customer if they are not informed on time.

Your order will be on-hold status for any of the following reasons:

  • Invalid address due to missing postcode, phone number, etc.
  • Insufficient account balance.
  • No shipping option available for the order due to containing dangerous components such as powder or liquid.
  • No shipping option available for the order due to the unreachable remote area.

Your order processing manager will contact you once your order is on-hold status and help you solve the issues.

Pricing & Billing

Pricing can vary depending on a variety of factors. Our standard DTC/B2C fulfillment pricing consists of:

  • Receiving fee
  • Storage fee
  • Pick & pack fee

Please refer to the “Pricing” page for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Yes, we do. Your account manager will provide you reporting on the orders that have been fulfilled one day after they are fulfilled since by then we can get the actual shipping costs for the orders. In the reporting, you can find their shipping cost, service cost, import tax, and other expenses.

Once you decide to work with us, we will create a shipping balance account for you. For the clients that have a backlog of orders, E-commerce Express will charge 100% of the approximate shipping balance initially as these orders have already been sold by the client and would require order fulfillment as soon as the stocks arrive, and the client’s onboarding process is complete. We cannot start fulfillment until the payment arrives at our account.


The upfront payment is NOT a deposit. It will be added to your shipping balance account. Once we start fulfilling, we will continue to calculate as your balance draws down. Once your balance gets too low or negative, your account manager will inform you to top up so that we will continue to stock inventory and fulfill orders for you.

Yes, we can receive payment from your credit card. However, since our entity is based in China and the only way to receive your payment from your credit card is through the online payment platform – PayPal. Since PayPal charge a high transfer fee, it is more economical to transfer it with bank wire (usually it takes 2~5 working days to arrive at our bank account).

E-commerce Express accepts Bank Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, and TransferWise. The full details will be provided in the invoice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not liable for transaction fees nor withdrawal fees; it will be added to the invoice.

Transaction fees:

  • Bank Wire Via Bank Transfer or TransferWise: 1.5% (including withdrawal fee and no more than $50.00)
  • PayPal: 4.5% + $7.00.
  • Payoneer: 3% + $7.00

Yes, we can provide you invoice with your given billing address for every payment that we received from you.

Wholesale & B2B orders

E-commerce Express offers FBA Preparation as a standalone service. We can help you prepare inventory for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) so that you can focus on the core of your business.


We will prepare the orders with FBA item stickers and box labels at our fulfillment center in China and transfer your inventory from our fulfillment center to any FBA facility.

E-commerce Express can prepare a wholesale order with your special packing instructions at our fulfillment center in China and ship it to a designated address by sea or by air.


Some of our clients have the following special packing instructions:


  • Carton labels
  • Packing list on each box
  • Max carton size
  • Max carton weight
  • Max units per carton
  • Max SKUs per carton


While in most cases, our clients need us to keep the original packaging from their supplier and just print out carton labels and packing list and stick on each box.


To make our client’s experience as smooth as possible, we offer you end-to-end landed cost solution so that you will receive your goods at your doorstep with duty already paid.


Yes, we can help you handle returns. Basically, there are 2 types of returns:


  • Return To Carrier (RTC): A return that results from a carrier or delivery failure and arrives back at the carrier’s distribution center.
  • Return Order: A return that is sent back from your customer back to our fulfillment center in China or our warehouse in your local market at your request.


As for RTC, the carrier can provide resending service by charging you a resend fee (resend fee varies depending on the country where it needs to be resent) in a service period. Otherwise, the return will be disposed after the period.   


As for return order, you need to fill out a “Return Authorization Form (RA Form)” that contains your store ID, the SKU(s) of the returned item(s), the order number, and the carrier tracking number. The form will tell our warehouse team what to expect and can handle your returns efficiently and effectively.

We will check the return’s packaging and check if it is damaged on the surface or if it is defective functionally. They are more likely to come back with damaged packaging during roundtrip shipping with no over-box protection, we will remove the original packaging and repackaging with a new packaging, and then put it back into your inventory. Eventually, the return is a result of an order being requested to be refunded or exchanged. We don’t handle refunds or exchanges while we simply process the inventory according to your return policy.


Fill out the form below and our team will work to tailor a solution for your business’s needs.


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