6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

Global Fulfilment

The world has never been more interconnected and interdependent than it is today. Even SMEs routinely do business with customers and suppliers in foreign countries. If your business reaches a global audience and you want to ensure a steady upward trajectory of your worldwide sales it’s time you talked to the experts at E-Commerce Express about our global fulfilment services.

Enabling Global Fulfilment

It’s one thing to attract customers from all over the world. It’s another thing to keep them. If your fulfilment process is routinely slow and/or unreliable any customers you attract in overseas markets are going to choose someone else next time. Not only that, they’ll tell their family and friends how their package arrived late or damaged and your brand image will suffer irreparable harm.

Don’t let that happen to you. The best way to ensure you meet your obligations to your international customers is to entrust your global fulfilment needs to E-Commerce Express. We have fulfilment centres conveniently located throughout Europe, North America and Asia so your packages always get where they’re going quickly and affordably.

With E-Commerce Express handling your global fulfilment, you’ll enjoy: competitive shipping rates, reduced delivery times, same-day processing of orders, custom fulfilment options.

The E-Commerce Express Difference

When you choose E-Commerce Express to provide global fulfilment you can rest easy knowing:

1 – We have the experience and expertise to deliver for you.

2 – Our multilingual staff help you avoid communication issues.

3 – Every aspect of our billing process is completely transparent.

4 – Every product in our fulfilment centres has passed rigorous quality control tests.

You can try shipping to your international customers yourself. Or you can choose something like Fulfilment by Amazon that will bury your brand image under theirs. Or you can choose E-Commerce Express to handle your global fulfilment. We’ll get your product to its destination quickly, affordably and packaged the way you want it.

Get in Touch

With our worldwide reach and vast experience, we are exactly what your company needs to provide reliable, cost-effective global fulfilment. To learn more about how our services can help your business call E-Commerce Express today on +86-18617009119. Or write to: info@ecommerce-express.com.


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