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Third-party Fulfillment for Walmart Marketplace

As a trusted Walmart fulfilment services provider, we take control of the entire fulfilment process on behalf of 3rd party retailers using the Walmart online marketplace. The benefits of using E-Commerce Express for Walmart order fulfilment are many and include significant cost savings, copious storage space and the ability to take advantage of our unparalleled experience building and maintaining a global network of cutting-edge fulfilment centres.

Why Choose E-Commerce Express to Provide Walmart Fulfilment Services?

If your online shop is to thrive within the Walmart marketplace you need to prioritize order fulfilment. Without a reliable fulfilment service connecting you to your customers, those customers will go elsewhere. Here are just some of the reasons to choose E-Commerce Express for Walmart fulfilment services:

Fast delivery: Getting the product to the customer as quickly as possible is a must for any online retailer. E-Commerce Express are industry leaders when it comes to speed and reliability. Our logistics experts understand every nuance of cross-border business and our service is infused with their knowledge.

Cost-Effectiveness: Storage and fulfilment costs are a key consideration for any online business depending on 3rd party fulfilment services. At E-Commerce Express we strive to keep our costs down so that we can pass those savings on to you. One thing we will not do however is sacrifice quality.

Transparency: No matter what type of business you’re in, transparency is crucial. It becomes even more important when dealing with cross-border trade given the increased number of variables in play. At E-Commerce Express our billing process features end-to-end transparency. 

Returns Management: Returns happen, so you need to make sure the company you choose to provide Walmart fulfilment services has a clear and easy-to-understand returns policy. At E-Commerce Express our vast experience means there is no returns scenario we haven’t encountered.

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Walmart marketplace retailers need to know their fulfilment service provider is capable and reliable. You would have to search far and wide to find another fulfilment service with more experience or more satisfied customers than E-Commerce Express. To learn how we can help your business contact E-Commerce Express today by calling +86-18617009119.


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