6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

Launch your own ecommerce Brand with Private Label Products

Build a long-lasting business by producing your private label products directly in China with the help of E-commerce Express!

Your own logo

Branded packaging

High quality

Private & White Label Products in China

E-commerce Express cannot only support you to source your products, brand them with your logo and warehouse them, but also help you with private label dropshipping.

White label products China

With a private label product manufactured, packaged, and fulfilled by E-commerce Express, you can instantly outperform your competitors in quality and beat the competition on price. When you take advantage of our private labeling services, your company will have the opportunity to create new income streams and generate increased revenue, while enhancing your market position, competitive edge, and profitability.


For many of our private label clients, the primary advantage is the opportunity to bring a distinct, competitive product to market at cost savings.

Your logo and branded packaging

Branded dropshipping

Amazon FBA private label

Only reliable factories/manufactories

Quality product from China

Low minimum order quantity

Fast production Lead time

A dedicated project manager

Product sample evaluation

Benefits of private labeling

Build your brand

With a private label, you put your logo on the product and the package. You build your own business and marketing identity that gains recognition and visibility, promotes advertising, and drives sales. You can target your marketing to a specific niche and sphere to gain a foothold in a given market.

Control of the product

With private labeling, you have control over production and quality standards. You control what the label, packaging, and quality looks and feels like.

Strengthen customer loyalty

With a private label product, you build a relationship with your customers, and they will know what differentiates your products and makes them more desirable. Customers who enjoy your private-labeled products know they can only purchase them at your store. Effective customer service and impressive products influence customers to return to buy more. Strong trust means they’re willing to try new products you sell since they’re satisfied with previous ones. 

Increase your profit

By offering recognizable brands and creating a store identity that’s trustworthy, you can drive sales and charge premium prices.

Create your own brand with private label product

Start building your own brand step by step with the help of E-commerce Express. It really couldn’t be simpler!

Create your logo, packaging, branding kit(s) and send the design file(s) to your project manager.

We will communicate with the factories to convert your design file(s) to production file(s). A rendering of the private label packaging can be presented to you before production.

We can produce a sample of the private label product or directly go for volume production depending on your time and budget.

Brand your best sellers with your own logo and packaging and ship them from our warehouse all over the world.


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