6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

Case Study 2: How did Michael build a glasses brand and skip the growing pains with E-commerce Express?

Client Name: Michael

Backstory of the client:

Michael from the Netherlands is a marketing agency and owns a glasses brand, selling mainly in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and Australia.

Initial situation before starting to work with us:

He had been selling his products online for more than a few months, and his products worked, and his ads worked. And he started scaling like crazy. When it was up to 100k US dollars literally in 3 months, there were ONLY him, his business partner, and 2 freelancers from the Philippines in the team.

Problem he was encountering:

But this quick growth presented problems. Because of the scaling, he had been sending out so many products, and he had been dropshipping a lot of these products. As you probably know, the problems with drop shipping that he was facing were:

  • It took ages to get to his customers.
  • He didn’t have control over the quality of the products.
  • He couldn’t brand it.
  • It was manual order processing. He had to send CSV sheets to his suppliers every single evening and it took him a lot of time on fulfilling his orders.

So, he was stuck at the bottleneck of scaling up his online glasses business.

The strategy and solution that we provided him to solve the issues:

When Maichel found us, we had a few strategic calls and we delved into his business and concluded the issues that he encountered, which were long shipping time and unassured delivery, time-consuming on manual CSV order processing, no branded kits options for his products. And we provided him with the following solutions:

  • We found him in more than 5 different original glasses factories to produce his products. All of them were able to help him print the logo on the glasses with silkscreen. And we used our own packaging manufacturer to help him design and produce custom box for his glasses. On top of that, we helped him produce a custom mailer bag for his products. He was able to build his own e-commerce brand with us.
  • He got his Shopify stores integrated with our enterprise-level ERP and this allowed his orders to be processed automatically. Once the orders were fulfilled, the tracking numbers were automatically updated on his stores and the email notifications were sent to his customers. Before it took him and his team at least a whole day long to process his orders and there were a lot of human errors because of the manual work. After he worked with us, the accuracy of fulfilment reached 99.99% (0.01% was because of wrong order placed by his customers) and it reduced his team 95% time on order fulfilment and cut 90% time on customer services.
  • He used our Exclusive Express Shipping Lines to deliver the orders to his customers. This accelerated the shipping time from more than 30 days to 4-10 days to his customers; Besides, it expanded his selling countries such as Switzerland, France, Spain, and Canada, since the lines could reach more than 35 different hot eCommerce-business countries.
  • Compared with dropshipping with AliExpress, his shipping prices increased a bit, but the successful delivery rate was much higher, and every order could be tracked with the tracking code.

Results Generated:

After Michael started to work with us, he really enjoys a hassle-free experience and concentrated on growing his business. He has never had such easy English communications and professional services from the other Chinese suppliers.

He has been getting a high-quality product and it saved him a lot of time. The ERP system did all the orders for him. And he could focus on building a real eCommerce brand. By working with a professional sourcing and fulfilment company, he has overcome the bottleneck of growing and can remain a 7-figure eCommerce business easily.


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