E-commerce Express


Save Time, Effort, And Costs

At E-commerce Express, we promise to take care of all aspects of product fulfillment including product photography! Yes, we’re the ultimate one-stop solution for all your branding needs. This means we’ll take care of everything from custom sourcing to professional product photography and videos with models.

Why Let Us Shoot?

We’re closer to suppliers which makes everything much more convenient

We have our own well-equipped studio

Sourcing custom products and being close to suppliers means we can do everything much more quickly

We’re also pretty flexible in our approach

You probably don’t have a big budget to spend on product photography and we’re reasonably priced

We promise high-quality photos with amazing models!

We offer Stellar customer service

We let you be part of the creative process

The final product is worth the value!

What Your Experience with Us
Would Look Like

We Set It All Up, Together!

We’ll set up most of it—all you need to do is let us know your preferences. Once we have your insights on the models and other creative aspects. Our team of talented photographers will ensure that your brand’s vision shines through in the best possible way.

You Can Send Us the Product or We Can Source It for You

Whether you source the product on your own or have a branded product, produced in China, you can send it over to us at our Shenzhen studio. Or alternatively, we can source the product for you with branding kits including custom logos and packaging, thank you cards and various other creatives branding touches. Once ready, the product will directly be moved forward for photography.

You Pick Your Own Models

While we can do this for you, we’re okay with your creative input too. You can select from our wide pool of professional models based on your requirements and target groups.

The Actual Shoot

We shoot product photos and videos at our own studio. Our professional photographers and videographers will work with the models you select to create product photos and videos that will result in instant sales boosts!


Out of the several product photos we take, you can work with us to select your favorite ones. Once we know which ones you love, we’ll edit them accordingly and very soon you’ll have the final product photos and videos to use!

What Do We Shoot?

Consumer Electronics
Skin & Hair Care
Beauty & Health
Baby Items
Pet Food & Accessories
Fashion Accessories
Household Items
Tools & Outdoor Equipment
Sports Gear
Clothing & Shoes

Don’t worry if you’re product isn’t listed here—
call us to confirm. We’re pretty flexible!