6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

How to reach the best result with influencers for online sellers

Advertising your business, brand, or products through online influencers is now one of the most popular and effective methods. It’s the perfect way to reach an audience you may have struggled with previously, and you have the added advantage of this audience already trusting the influencer in question. In fact, this way is so effective, that 90% of all businesses now use influencers in their marketing.

However, for this process to work as well as it should and give you a great ROI, you need to ensure the influencer fully understands your brand and products. They need to be fully briefed on all things including, your company information, maybe information about you personally, legal issues, disclaimers. And of course, they need clear instructions as to how to present your brand or products to their audience for maximum impact. Let’s have a look at how you can cover these points in order to get the ROI you desire!

The Seven Main Aspects to Include in Your Instructions

Before we go over the specifics of what to include in your style and presentation of the instructions, let’s first look at seven essential aspects to include that will work as the foundation.

1. Company Background

You can keep this simple, the influencer doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of the months or years you spent planning and working to get your company going. But they should understand the basics of your company, what it does, and even why you’re in that industry. Keep it to around a paragraph of concise and solid information. Also include graphics, such as your brand logo.

2. Product Use Instructions

Even if you think your product is simple to use or doesn’t need instructions on how to use it, still include them. Of course, keep your information helpful rather than patronizing. Perhaps your instructions on use can include how to store the product also, or even how to prepare the product if it is consumable.

3. Share Your Goals

While the influencer knows that the goal of your collaboration with them is to reach more potential users and sell more products, it doesn’t hurt to give them some specific details. You can even tell them what other marketing strategies you are using and where they fit into your overall plan.  Keeping them in the loop will help them feel like a bigger part of your brand and be more passionate about working with you.

4. Channels and Schedules

Even if you have already previously discussed with them which social media channels you want them to post on, at what time on what day, etc, still include a clear reminder in the package you send. Write up the schedule and upload details, make them really clear, and this will serve as a good reminder for you both.

5. Your Basic Message

Be sure to let them know what kind of messages you want them to post. Think about the messages you are writing on any other marketing channels you are personally doing. Keep your basic messages similar across the board while still letting them adjust it a little to fit their personal style and way of speaking.

6. Dos and Don’ts

This one is super important as you don’t want your brand or product to be misrepresented. And you definitely don’t want them to do anything you don’t approve of. So, for example, your ‘dos’, could include tagging your brand’s account, or requesting that the influencer’s followers follow you too. The ‘don’ts’ can include not using vulgar language or profanity both when they are speaking about your company and in the hashtags they use.

7. Legal Issues

It’s vital you include any legal information they must know when sending them your products. You should also gently remind them of the FTC guidelines around influencer marketing so you know they are not doing anything illegal or unethical in their marketing.

Five Tips to Influence Your Influencer to Use Your Product

Now we have covered the foundation of aspects that your package to them should include. Let’s now look at the structure of your instructions.

1. Keep It Short

If your package includes pages and pages of writing, information, and directions, then it’s going to end up in the bin. No one wants to read paragraph after paragraph of information much less remember it all. So, keep it clear and concise, tell them only what they need to know and anything that is a positive point to include.

2. Watch Your Tone

Remember that while you are paying for this marketing service, that doesn’t mean you can speak to them how you want. Ensure that whatever information or instructions you include are not patronizing or bossy. Don’t talk down to them and certainly don’t be abrupt or harsh. Of course, you can be firm with the legal section, and your ‘dos and don’ts’, these aren’t optional, after all, but firm does not mean rude.

3. Let Them Have an Input

At the end of the day, if you have 100% control over ever spoken or written word in their posts, their audience will know that it’s not sincere or authentic. So, absolutely give advice on what you want them to say and the direction it needs to go in. But, you should let them have a creative input and personalize it to fit their style and voice. Their audience will trust the product so much more.

4. One Product at a Time

If your brand sells multiple types of products, don’t send them to the influencer all at once. A post or message focusing on just one specific product at a time will have a far greater effect than the audience getting lost because there are too many products and too much information all at once.

5. Make it Personal

Even though this is part of the influencer’s job, they still want to feel valued to some degree. Therefore, you should make your package personal. Address them by their name, personalize the instructions you give to show that you have seen their previous work, and even compliment their work if you want!


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