Product Sourcing by China Sourcing Company

Our connections are yours when you need a product sourcing in China. Find the best price factory from over 200 Verified Manufacturers & Suppliers.

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Network of over 200 high-quality suppliers

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Bilingual sourcing team with excellent communication

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Product customization with low MOQ requirement

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Branded Packaging Solution

Chinese supplier for artware
E-commerce Express has built relationships for product sourcing in China with a wide network of over 200 high-quality suppliers of hot-selling ecommerce products from categories such as electronics; clothing; health & beauty; sports; outdoor; fitness equipment; home, garden, & kitchen; toys & games; and pet products. We are continually improving our custom product sourcing service by vetting and expanding our pool of product suppliers, and work diligently to source the exact products our clients are looking for. The experienced and bilingual team at our sourcing company in China will locate most products within 24 hours at the right price, quantity, and quality that our clients specify.

Excellent Communication

One of the frustrations online sellers experience when product sourcing in China, is communicating with non-English speaking suppliers and manufacturers in order to secure accuracy in the kind and number of products they need to fulfill customer orders.

Our bilingual sourcing experts take the time to develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, then we communicate with suppliers to secure the desired quality products at competitive prices within expedient lead times. Maintaining excellent communication with our clients and their suppliers is a top priority at E-commerce Express!

Product sourcing in China

Ideal Location

E-commerce Express warehouse facilities and fulfillment centers are located in the city of Shenzhen ‘the first e-commerce model city’ that promotes ecommerce development. Shenzhen is in close proximity to a large contingent of suppliers for optimal product sourcing in China—this not only affords us access to a vast selection of products, but it also gives our quality control staff easy access for onsite verification and inspection of suppliers’ facilities, and it ensures fast delivery of products to our clients’ customers.
product customization

Product Customization

Private labeling is an effective way of scaling an ecommerce business through customization. E-commerce Express Customization Services provide our clients with a wide range of options and opportunities to bring uniqueness to their line of products with low Minimum Order Quotas (MOQ), fast lead times, and competitive pricing. We offer complete branding solutions, such as personalizing and customizing logos, colors, and designs of products that distinguish our clients from other online sellers.

Customized Unboxing Experience

Our clients have the option to design a unique and branded unboxing experience for their customers, and we take care of every detail to take their concept to fruition. From custom boxes (branded boxes), custom mailer bags, unique packing materials such as tissue papers, and requested environmentally-friendly and impact-protection materials, to stickers, coupons, and marketing inserts, we can source and utilize the elements our clients envision that will have their delivered parcels stand out from the competition.

Certifications & Patents

E-commerce Express verifies suppliers CE, FDA, RoHS, etc. certification compliance for a no-fuss, no-worry sourcing experience for our clients. For custom (private label) products, we can help with applying for patents and certificates as per our clients’ requests.