6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

Returns handling made easy

At E-commerce Express, we made ecommerce returns easy and simple to handle for you. Our easy return process improves your customers’ returns experiences and helps you create a positive shopping experience for your customers.

Delight your

Simplify your

Comply with your return policy

Easy ecommerce returns are key to repeat sales

Returns are inevitable when you are doing business online, and it is even more important if you want to expand into international ecommerce. At E-commerce Express, we will integrate our return process with your return policy and accelerate return shipments processing. We help turn your online store’s return into a positive experience for you and for your customers by making it simple, so most customers will buy from you again.

Steps of returns processing

Create a return authorization

E-commerce Express uses a Return Authorization Form (RA Form) for the returns. We would need you to fill out the form including information such as your store ID, your SKU number(s) of the returned item(s), the order number, and the carrier tracking number. The form will tell our warehouse team what to expect. Our team will handle the return with the form when we received the returned item(s) efficiently and effectively.

Check the packaging

In most cases the customer returns your product in its original box. Its original boxes are usually damaged either due to hard treatment during roundtrip shipping or unboxing action taken by the customer. We will check the packaging and take photos to report you.

Check the item

We will check the item inside the packaging and see if it is damaged on the surface or if it is defective functionally.

Repackaging the item and placing it back to your inventory

In case it is not damaged on the surface nor defective functionally, we will remove the original packaging and repackaging with a new packaging, and then put it back into inventory. As for the damaged item, we will communicate with you and come out a solution together.


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