6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

How to Convert Your Startup Into a Brand in 2022

Branding is a process of making a seller’s products/services distinguishable in the consumers’ minds. The techniques used to brand startups continue to evolve with the changing trends and the development of new technologies.

If you have an e-commerce fulfillment startup and are looking for ways to brand your business, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, you will learn some top tactics that can help you  convert your startup into a brand in 2022.

Create a Logo

The first step for creating a distinguishable identity for your startup is to come up with a creative and unique logo design.

The logo is what makes your target audience recognize your business. For instance, if you look at popular brands, such as Pepsi and Starbucks, you don’t need to read the name to understand which brand it is; by simply looking at the logo, you can recognize the products.

So, when your startup has a creative logo, people will be able to recognize it anywhere. The logo will go on the product’s packaging, flyers, and all marketing merchandise.

Even if you hire a dropshipping agent, you can still get branded & custom packaging made to deliver an exceptional unboxing experience to customers. Doing so will also help you build customer loyalty.

Create a Strong Social Media Presence

In 2022; social media marketing has proven to be the most effective. With almost 4.59 billion active social media users worldwide, it makes perfect sense to use popular platforms for marketing your business.

You can collaborate with influencers and gain more followers organically. And then there’s always the option of investing in paid social media ads to attract more customers.

If you keep posting quality content on your social media consistently, it will help you create a strong online presence and give you more opportunities to gain new leads.

Invest in Product Photography and Videos

a person taking pictures of a product with a professional camera

One of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they do not invest in product photography. People buy what they see. If your marketing lacks quality visuals, the chances of your startup failing are quite high, especially when you’re running an e-commerce fulfillment business.

Moreover, you should also consider posting high-quality video content to promote your business on social media and your business website. Professional product photography and videos are an effective way to transform your startup into a brand.

Work with E-Commerce Express to Brand Your Business

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