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The Major Don’ts of Product Packaging in 2022

Product packaging plays an integral part in the success of your product. Research shows that one-third of purchase decisions are made based on the packaging, followed by consumers’ other personal preferences. This makes product packaging as important as the product itself. If you have not given your product packaging enough thought, now is the time to do so.

Product packaging has the power to influence the customer’s overall purchase decision – and when it’s done well, it can make customers feel more confident about choosing a certain brand and its product. But when done wrong, it can push the customer to purchase from your competitors instead.

Here are some major don’ts of product packaging that are trending in 2022.

Complicated Packaging

Gone are the days of fancy and over-the-top packaging designs that screamed “buy me.” The latest trend is all about keeping it simple and to the point. Keep your product packaging simple, such as square-shaped containers with screw-off lids. While it might not stand out, it’ll attract customers because of its simplicity.

Think about it, as a customer, would you prefer complex packaging just because it looks good but is difficult to use or basic packaging that’s easy to use?

Using Harmful Product Packaging Materials

2022 has been all about keeping things environmentally friendly and giving back to your surroundings. This means saying no to plastic, lowering carbon footprint, recycling packaging, and using green products. Many brands have switched to returnable glass containers that allow customers to save a few bucks when purchasing a refill while reducing environmental waste.

Not Making the Packaging Spill-Proof

Suppose you’re an e-commerce food and beverage manufacturer. In that case, you need product packaging to prevent the goods from going bad, avoiding spilling, and preventing exposure to air and light. Using opaque or tinted containers and modified atmosphere packaging can help keep your food products fresh for longer.

Missing Important Information

If the customer needs to run some google searches to understand what your product is about, it’s a clear sign that your product packaging has failed. As a brand, your product packaging should tell the customer everything they might need to know about the product, such as any allergens, ingredients, and how it’s supposed to be used and stored.

When focusing on keeping it simple, don’t make the mistake of eliminating such essential information.

Eco-friendly product packaging

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