6 Tips to Launch White label or Private label dropshipping Successfully

Types of Custom Packaging for Ecommerce Businesses

When evaluating your numerous packing alternatives, particularly as an online dropshipping service provider, you might feel frustrated with the assortment.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty natural.We’ve compiled a concise overview of the most important aspects of packing:

Packaging Options for Ecommerce Enterprises

Understanding your alternatives is the initial stage in selecting the proper packaging for online eCommerce delivery. Each style of packing has advantages and disadvantages. Below are the best forms of digital commerce packaging:

1.   Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

This would be the standard brown cardboard container you’re probably familiar with.These are strong, can hold a considerable load, and offer some padding due to their corrugated structure. Standard boxes (ordinary cardboard cartons) and specialized boxes are the two types it offers

Whenever it relates to cardboard boxes, you have more options than you would think so, make sure to check out all of them 

a standard cardboard carton box
3 unlabeled specialized boxes

2.   RSC: Regular Slotted Containers

The industrial benchmark is stock boxes, which arrive in a broad range of dimensions. Assuming you don’t want any customization, this is a decent, cost-effective solution. It is a fantastic starting point if you want to deliver products.

These cartons are commonly referred to as RSC and Regular Slotted Containers. The panels are precisely the same size, and a minimum of two of the identical ends connect in the midsection.

3.   Full Overlap (FOL)

Complete overlap panels are a type of RSC container. The critical distinction is that two of its parallel covers hide the container’s top completely. This gives the most solid opening possible, although it involves using several screws (such as tape).

Due to the double-reinforced edges, these cartons are more durable than regular standard cartons,and they are much less prone to get deformed during transportation.

4.   Corrugated Boxes with Rolled Ends

Corrugated carton roll end containers are offered as well. The unique latching system distinguishes them: instead of free flaps folding around the carton’s lid, a movable section of cardboard extends across the opening. It is locked onto the roof and flanks of the carton.

Roll-end cardboard boxes utilize materials more effectively due to the minimum overlapping. As a result, they are great for those concerned about the planet.

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