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Three Issues Faced in The Delivery Process

Retail delivery rose approximately 67% during COVID as compared to pre-covid times. This shows that delivery services are more important than ever. 

With more and more people moving to online shopping and sticking to it due to convenience and ease, the pressure on delivery services is at an all-time high. However, with rapid incoming demand, as well as emerging competition, there are some flaws in the delivery system. And persistent errors from the delivery end puts a strain on your business as customer satisfaction goes down

Here are three of the most commonly faced issues in the delivery process:

1.    Late Deliveries

This is a surefire way to get your company and product blacklisted from your customer’s mind.

When your customer books an order and receives an estimated date for delivery, they expect the order to be delivered by that date. They plan their schedules around deliveries, so when the order gets delayed, it results in frustrated and disappointed customers.

Moreover, this bad customer experience directly impacts your business. Your business gets a bad name, and the customer may even share their bad experience with people who could’ve been potential buyers.

All in all, late deliveries impact both your business and your customer negatively.

2.    Damaged Goods

Some delivery services are not careful with your product and do not ensure safe delivery to the best of their abilities. This results in the product being damaged, broken, and ultimately unusable by the customer. 

When your customer opens their product with excitement, only to receive a defective product, it’s hard to gain their trust back. Moreover, sending a replacement product only puts additional strain on your business.

3.    Unsatisfactory Customer Service

In any business, even in shipping,the customer should lie at the heart of your operations. This includes polite, friendly, and understanding customer service. Even if your customer receives a defective product, they are more likely to forgive and forget if addressed with good customer service.

However, a major issue faced in the delivery process is hostile service, and this can result in a massive loss of customers.

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The solution to these issues is to select a courier or a service provider that is reliable and experienced in delivering on time and in top-quality condition.

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