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Virtual Fitting Rooms: Does Your Online Store Need it?

What is one of the biggest reasons customers return online orders? It’s either ordering an article in the wrong size or not liking how the item looks on them when they try it on. The lack of fitting rooms is one of the major inconveniences customers have to combat when ordering clothing articles online. So, what’s the solution?

Add a virtual fitting room feature next to your articles. This technology allows customers to “try on” the item virtually and get an estimate of how it’ll look and feel.

Here’s why your online store needs virtual fitting rooms.

How Do Virtual Fitting Rooms Work?

Virtual fitting rooms use augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow shoppers to try the items without ever touching them. It depicts quite a real feel about an item’s size, fit, and style. The software simply overlays the item on the customer’s video feed to help them understand the product better.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a dramatic drop of 34.5% in clothing sales. Why? Because people feared getting products that were touched and contaminated by other customers. Most brands stopped offering product return facilities, making people more hesitant during online shopping.

Offering virtual fitting rooms can greatly benefit your e-commerce business by dramatically reducing this risk. When trying on clothes virtually, you’re never touching them (making it safe for you), and you also get to see how a product will look on you.

Do You Get a lot of Order Returns?

One of the major reasons businesses need to invest in virtual fitting rooms is if they have high order returns to deal with. While it might not seem like a concerning thing from a customer’s perspective, it creates a lot of hassle for businesses. Apart from offering store credit or an exchange product for the customer, you have to log the product back in as a return, balance the transaction, and readjust the inventory in the warehouse.

How Complicated is This Technology?

Since virtual fitting rooms require AI and AR, many companies assume that it’ll be very pricey and complicated to understand. However, that’s not the case. Virtual fitting rooms can easily be incorporated into smaller and bigger companies by starting with premade applications. These applications are made to make AI technology affordable and budget-friendly.

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