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4 Characteristics of a Top 3PL Warehousing Provider

What’s the biggest support you need from your 3PL warehousing partner? For them to be reliable and do the work efficiently. But you can’t depend on any 3PL warehousing provider because they might not have what it takes to meet your needs.

When working in an eCommerce industry, you need the support of a reliable 3PL warehousing services provider to save money and provide high-quality services with increased customer satisfaction.

So, if you’re looking for a top 3PL warehousing service provider, here are some characteristics you need to look for.

Experience. Experience. Experience.

Don’t underestimate the power of experience. We don’t mean that new warehousing providers are not good, but they lack some level of expertise that you can only find with experienced warehousing providers.

With an experienced provider on board, you know you can rely on them in case of any issue, no matter how big or small it might be.

Exceptional IT Services

As an eCommerce company, you need a 3PL warehousing provider with exceptional IT services since your entire business depends on good software services. From collecting orders to forwarding them to your order fulfillment services provider, it depends on how smooth and glitch-free their software is.

A top 3PL warehousing provider should offer:

  • 24/7 live tech support
  • Claim processing
  • Data Storage

Close to Transportation

If you want to make your customers happy, then offering quick delivery is essential for your business’s success. That’s why choose a 3PL warehousing provider close to major transportation hubs for quick delivery. Some hubs include airports, highways, boat shipping docks, and railroads.

Maximum Safety and Security

A large number of your products are stored at this warehouse facility; can you risk it being unsafe or having a questionable security system? Even if your products are insured, and you’ll get the money back, you lose precious time, customer orders, and even customers if something goes wrong. That’s why always look for warehousing providers who take security and safety seriously and have amenities, such as 24-hour security monitoring, power backups, and off-site data servers.

Workers carrying products for delivery

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