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A guide to 3PL warehousing solutions in China

The introduction of 3PL warehousing solutions in the eCommerce world has led to cutthroat global competition in recent years. Now with the rising demands in every industrial sector, the sellers do face challenges. They need to cope with the trends or eventually lose the battle to compete with others. This is where the 3PL Warehouse Services by E-Commerce Express come in. 

There are several challenges or issues that the sellers experience. To name a few, we have listed some of them below for you to understand. 

  • The sellers face brand building difficulties and thus incur a lot of expenditure.
  • With the increasing competition, they mostly end up in low-profit margins. 
  • The sellers are also facing issues with supply chain control because of unreliable suppliers. 
  • Most of the sellers face legal liability issues and cannot cope up with the product quality control. 
  • Because of the slow and unstable fulfilment cycles, the sellers do face fulfilment errors.
3PL logistics

Order fulfillment company comes for help

Keeping the above issues in mind, an order fulfillment company has come into existence. It helps in reducing the client’s workforce needs by vetting the manufacturers and suppliers. 

Further, it saves them money and time for the clients. Secondly, the order fulfillment company also assists in negotiations, providing a proper communication channel with the suppliers and shipping companies. 

The benefit of this is that the sellers can ensure that their client’s products reach the customers without any issues, safely, and on time. 

Removes the language barrier

The benefit of working with such a company also removes the issues with language barriers. They provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to handle the bilingual team and thus takes care of the order fulfillment. 

It helps complete product sourcing and fulfillment services, eliminating the issues arising from unknown or unreliable suppliers. 

Good communication

The Key objective of the order fulfillment company

The critical subject to focus on here is to streamline the fulfillment of orders in the industry. Further, the company helps the clients in gaining a better market share, thereby resolving the issues. 

The second objective is to automate the B2B e-commerce system and the ERP order management system. It is made possible with the help of e-commerce platforms that are trending. This way, the agency bridges the gap between the client’s business with product suppliers to reach customers effectively. 

Now we know how the order fulfillment company takes care of the clients, the product suppliers, and the customers. Without help, the supplier industry would have failed a long ago. 

Let us throw some light on what are the benefits of 3PL or third party logistics. But before that, we would share more about what the 3PL warehousing service is a perfect solution for e-commerce industries.

What is 3PL?

Product suppliers can not just procure the product and sell it to their clients and further to customers. They need something called warehousing, which comes in handy to cope with the needs and fulfill the demands. 

3PL or third-party logistics classifies the company or service provider that offers complex logistics via outsourcing. It also helps in supply chain management and anything that involves efficiently managing the resources.

Benefits of 3PL warehousing solutions in China

With time, your business grows by leaps and bounds. As your business establishes, you will experience minor issues such as delays in order deliveries, unhappy customers, clients not liking the way you perform the business, and much more. With the peak season, you will see more of the issues coming your way. 

That is a bad dream which you don’t want to come true. So, it is time to reap the benefits of 3PL or third party logistics. You will surely see the benefits flowing towards your way in handling the orders, fulfillment of order deliveries on time, and ease of managing everything. 

  • You save a lot of time

The main point of focus is to make sure customers enjoy their shopping experience. It is possible because you have joined hands with the fulfillment partner, and all the orders are safe. You can also save a lot of time by paying attention to the store, managing the campaigns, etc. 

  • Don’t worry about the space 

It is crucial to store the products as you cannot directly receive an order and straight away fulfill it. When the products are less in quantity, you can manage your warehouse. However, with plenty of products and orders coming your way, you will surely need to work with a 3PL company. The third-party logistics company will help give you plenty of space that allows stocking up the inventory. It is helpful during the peak season or festivals. 

  • Reach your customers faster

Fulfilling orders from one single location can cost you much more. The orders will also add delays and end up with lousy customer reviews that go to the client. In contrast, professional 3PL companies have exclusive shipping lines and multiple shipping options to deal with clients in China. They also have international warehouses at every location to enable faster delivery. It makes all the parties involved happier, and they stay connected.   

  • Get access to lower shipping rates

Any e-commerce business must keep the shipping rates as low as possible, or else sometimes almost zero. It is possible because of the 3PL companies that assist the e-commerce industries. They handle a vast number of orders daily. This benefit is also passed onto the customer. 

Offering free shipping will give rise to better opportunities and a key point during the peak season. 

  • Highlight your brand 

The main duty of 3PL companies is to provide the fulfillment of orders for the production or seller companies. Most often, they don’t use their own branding on the products shipped. Whereas they provide white labeling for the brands, thereby serving as a brand extension to sellers. Third-party logistic companies indirectly highlight your brand, which leaves a strong impression on the customers. 

The customers are satisfied with the goods received at their end, and it helps build trust among them in the long run. A 3PL company makes it happen by streamlining and promoting the quality of the brand.  

  • Shorter the duration of order fulfillment time

As a customer, you must have experienced that you ordered a product, and it was delivered on the same day. It is because the warehousing orders have a shorter fulfillment time. In the case of international e-commerce business, the 3PL companies makes it possible within 4 to 10 days. Secondly, to retain the customers, if the fulfillment is not done as expected by the customer, he or she will automatically get a refund. 

Wrap it up

3PL or third-party logistics services do carry several benefits, though they don’t work for every industry. It depends on the pricing plans, storage fees, packaging fees, and much more. But, always ensure that you need to keep your customer happy. 


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